VLADIMIR BAYKOV   
                       PhD, DrSc, Professor

40233 Duesseldorf                         

phone: 0211-77-05-769       

OBJECTIVE:           To obtain a teaching position as a University professor
                     of the Computer Science and Engineering  Department


 1992 :              Certificate of Instruction of 3-credit course
                     "Business Communication in English" completion
                      (under supervision of M.Stanley, Towson Univ. USA)
 1985 :              Degree: Doctor of Science in Computer Engineering
 1972 :              PhD degree in Computer Science
 1968 - 1971         PhD Programm at St.Petersburg State University of
 1961 - 1967         St.Petersburg St.Univ.of Electr.Eng., 
                     Master's degree in Computer Engineering,
                     diploma cum laude
 1951 - 1961         Secondary and High school in St.Petersburg,
                     awarded by silver medal


 1987 - 1999, 
        September     Full Professor at St.Petersburg State University
                      of Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer
                      Lecturing at undergraduate and postgraduate
                      levels in Computer Arithmetic, Computer Architecture,
                      Computer Engineering, Introduction to microprocessor
                      systems, Introduction to Internet technologies, 
                      Basics of Web-design, Efficent technologies of
                      information search and websites promotion in the
                      Participation in the Department service activity

 1995 :               Visiting Professor of the Department of Computers
                      of Czech Technical University in Prague
 1988 :               Visiting lecturer of Conakry University, Republic
                      of Guinea
 1971-1988            Lecturer , Associate Professor at St.Petersburg State
                      University of Electr.Eng. 

CONSULTATION          supervisor of postgraduates
ACTIVITIES:           consultant for number of companies, including Peterlink
                      Internet provider company 

SERVICES:             member of science boards
                      member of the examination board on English Language
                      editor of scientific publications

ACCOMPLISHMENTS:      author of ten books in Computer field, 130 patents and
                      papers (;
                      author of the books about Internet and Web-technologies;
                      author of two English text-books and English-Russian 
                      Dictionaries ( J.Hinton, USA)

PERSONAL:            family status : married,  two children,

                     date of birth - 02/16/44
                     citizenship - Russia,
                     languages -   Russian,
                                   English (fluent),
                                   German (middle level)

REFERENCES:          furnished upon request рекомендует: товары из Китая на сайте!